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Business Services
Chemicals - Biotechnology
Construction - Housing - Building
Electronics - Parts / Materials
Employment - Jobs - Careers
Environmental Equipment
Excess Inventory
Fasteners - Adhesives
Financing - Leasing

General Manufacturing
Industrial Equipment & Machinery / Surplus Equipment
Job Shops / Metalworking / Finishing
Laboratory - Scientific Equipment
Logistics / Shipping / Transportation / Warehousing
Machine Tools - Automation
Medical Products
Microelectromechanical Sysetms (MEMS)

Office Equipment & Furniture
Paper / Pulp / Forest Products / Printing
Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Manufacturing
ServicesSporting Goods
Textiles / Apparel / Fashion
Truck Manufacturing / Parts
Venture Capital

General Manufacturing

www.adhesiveshq.com is a portal dedicated to industrial adhesives.

wwwactiveset.org is a site for air pollution testing, monitoring equipment, training and services.

b2b.yahoo.com is Yahoo's entry in the business exchange market with a site that allows companies to bid, negotiate, buy and sell products and services.

www.equalfooting.com is a marketplace for small manufacturers and construction companies. Former Sen. Bob Dole is a board member.

www.eScout.com provides small and medium-sized companies with access to buyers via its "Global Trading Web."

www.fabricatorMarket.com allows engineers to post AutoCAD drawings for quote by fabricators who don't need AutoCAD software.

www.efilters.com focuses on filtration products.

www.findmro.com is dedicated to maintenace, repair and operational supplies.

www.firstindex.com focuses on custom-manufactured components. The site received $11 million in venture captial financing in early 2001.

www.fob.com offers manufacturers a "single source for inputs."

www.44degrees.com is an exchange for industrial products and services.

www.freemarkets.com operates online auctions for industrial parts, raw materials, commodities and services.

www.gefanuc.com offers a comprehensive parts support program for industry.

www.gexmp.com is a business exchange created by General Electric Global Exchange Services.

www.globalspec.com concentrates on various electrical, mechanical and optical products.

www.houndsite.com sources materials and components for small businesses and start ups.

www.idxmart.com focuses industrial parts.

www.industrialproductsfind.com has more than 20,000 products that can be searched and purchased by manufacturers.

www.industrysearch.com links industrial buyers with suppliers.

www.isolve.com is a privately held exchange for all sorts of products.

www.manufacturingcentral.com is the National Association of Manufacturers' trade exchange.

www.manufacturing.net is a general maintenance, repair and operations buying portal created by Cahners publishing company.

www.measurementexpress.com is a site for build-to-order instrumentation equipment.

www.mfgquote.com is for custom tools, CNC, molding, casting and rapid prototyping equipment.

www.m2mexpert.com was created by Made2Manage Systems aimed at helping small- and medium-sized manufactures seeking design of custom parts.

www.myfacilities.com is operated by Honeywell to allow purchasing facility managers to buy equipment from suppliers.

www.myplant.com is owned by Honeywell and Microsoft.

www.onepointcommerce.com is a general portal for the buying and selling of various products.

www.orderfusion.com is a "sell-side" e-commerce platform.

www.outpurchase.com is a site for the ousourcing of purchasing.

www.partsalacarte.com offers quotes on machined parts, tooling, fixtures, and prototype parts, as well as a variety of technical data services and consulting.

www.plantfloor.com focuses on precision-machined components. .

www.primeadvantage.com is a demand aggregation marketplace that secures purchasing volume commitments from buyers and negotiates favorable purchasing terms.

www.procurenet.com is a global buying portal.

www.questline.com is a technical information portal for manufacturers.

www.quote-source.com is an exchange for custom tooling and manufactured parts.

www.redtagbiz.com is a general portal for various goods.

www.safetyvillage.com is a portal for the exchange of safety products, supplies and equipment.

www.salescentrix.com provides small- and medium-sized manufacturers with order entry, sales and customer management needs.

www.selecterra.com concentrates on the "speciality converting" industry.

www.sourcealliance.com focuses electrical products and supplies.

www.suppliermarket.com is a trade exchange for build-to-order industrial manufactured products owned by Ariba.

www.supplierone.com specializes in made-to-order parts and assemblies.

www.supplycore.com focuses on maintenance, repair and opeating products.

www.ThomasRegional.com is a searchable database of 550,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies in 6,000 categories.

www.tradeMC.com focuses on services and capital goods required to maintain industrial and commercial operations. It is owned by Fluor Corp. and IBM.

www.verticalnet.com operates about 60 vertical trade hubs in many industrial sectors. It has received $100 million in funding from Microsoft.

www.vertacross.com is an automation and control portal with Siemens as a major participant.

www.worldbid.com provides access to buy and sell tenders in more than 1,000 categories.


www.fedcenter.com is a privately run government buying site for contractors.

www.firstgov.gov is one of the government's major portals.

www.fss.gsa.gov/cgi-bin/advwel is the General Services Administration's "Advantage" electronic catalog.

www.netclerk.com provides contractors with building permit services.

pro-net.sba.gov is the Small Business Administration's site for connecting companies to government procurement opportunities.

Industrial Equipment & Machinery / Surplus Equipment

www.assetexchange.freemarkets.com offers industrial equipment from multiple sources.

www.assettrade.com sells used industrial equipment and machinery.

www.compressorworld.com is a purchasing site for industrial equipment.

www.equipmentstore.com is an industrial equipment and machinery exchange.

http://www.impcorporation.com/en-us Industrial Motor Power Corp.; generators, engines, power equipment.

www.iprocure.com is a purchasing site for industrial parts and services.

www.ironplanet.com sells pre-owned heavy machinery like cranes and steam shovels.

www.supplyforce.com concentrates on indusrial and construction supplies.

www.tradeout.com is an auction site for surplus equipment.


www.chinamallusa.com is a marketing site for Chinese and U.S. products.


www.eceurope.com is a horizontal B2B marketplace covering more than two dozen vertical industries. It claims to be the largest B2B exchange in Europe.

www.europeaninternet.com is the European Internet Network, which operates portals for 13 countries.

www.industrysuppliers.com is a European marketplace for heavy industry.

www.latinb2b.com offers auctions, reverse auctions and exchange services in a wide range of industries.

www.manufacturing-trade.com is a Munich-based marketplace for build-to-order parts.

www.maquilamarket.com brings together buyers and sellers in the Maquiladora market in Mexico.

www.mercantil.com is a portal for companies doing business in Latin America. The site has backing from Banc-Boston Capital.

www.teamnafta is a site for companies looking to relocate to Mexico.

www.tradealliance.com is a general business portal for Asia.

Job Shops / Metalworking / Finishing

www.firstindex.com specializes in custom-made components.

www.manufacturingquote.com offers job shops the opportunity to bid on RFQs posted by companies requiring custom manufacturing services such as CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and rapid prototyping. The company is based in Smyrna, Ga.

www.manufinish.com provides manufacturers of metals, plastics and printed circuits boards access to finishers.

www.mmsonline.com is a metalworking site.

www.metalworkingshops.com is a buyer's guide for companies to locate machine shops for component manufacturing. It is run by the Metalworking Resource Group.

Laboratory - Scientific Equipment

www.sciquest.com sells items to scientists and lab technicians.


www.bulbs.com is an exchange for light bulbs. Philips Lighting is participating.

www.lightingbuyer.com sells excess and obsolete commercial lighting equipment.

Logistics / Shipping / Transportation / Warehouse

www.carrierrankings.com provides information on selecting transportation providers.

www.celarix.com evalautes and manages logistics operations.

www.chrwtrucks.com is for live loads, postinga nd carrier services.

www.etransport.com is a site for transportation management services.

www.freightdesk.com is for international cargo.

www.freightmatrix.com is for globla logistical support.


www.from2.com is a worldwide logistics exchange.

www.gocargo.com allows companies to post their container shipping requirements and receive bids.

www.gologistics.com is a site for excess capacity.

www.gosof.com is an e-marketplace for information services for automating carrier-to-shipper communications.

www.logistics.com is a site owned by Internet Capital Group.

www.nte.com is owned by the Ntaoinal Trasnportatoin Exchange.

www.shiplogix.com is a site for transportation and logistics.

www.traffic.com provides access to customs tariffs and import taxes.

www.transplace.com, owned by six transportation companies, allows companies to schedule drivers that have excess capacity.

www.transportation.com is a portal for carriers and shippers.

www.urgentfreight.com is a portal for receiving multiple bids for expedited freight shipments.

www.warehousehog.com allows companies to receive bids on material handling and warehouse equipment.

www.zlogistics.com provides logistics services.

Machine Tools - Automation

www.automationdirect.com offers automation products and software.

www.emachinetools.com is a purchasing site for machine tools.

www.fluidpowerhub.com is a purchasing site for fluid power, electronic controls and industrial automation products.

www.machinetools.com is headquartered in Chicago, Ill.

www.machinevisiononline.org is a portal operated by the Automated Imaging Association of Ann Arbor, Mich.

www.roboticsonline.com is an information portal run by the Robotic Industries Association.

www.toolanddiequotes is a site for buyers and suppliers in the tool and die industry covering all manufacturing.

www.verticross.com is a purchasing site for auomation and control equipment.


www.boats.com is a portal for the boating industry.

www.marex.com is a venture capital backed trade exchange for the marine industry.

Medical Products

www.neoforma.com is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and offers medical products on its site from 170 manufacturers and distributors.


www.carpenterdirect.com is a purchasing site for metals.

www.castmetalrfq.com is dedicated to cast metals.

www.coremarkets.com concentrates on ferro alloys and bulk ores.

www.dailymetalquotes.com is an auction site for surplus useable metals.

www.e-steel.com is owned partly by U.S. Steel and has more than 1,300 companies as members from 65 countries.

www.fabricatormarket.com is dedicated to fabricated products.

www.ferrousexchange.com is a purchasing site for iron and steel products.

www.manufinish.com is for metal finishing.

www.materialnet.com is a portal for companies wanting to buy most types of raw minerals.

www.metalsite.com of Pittsburgh trades prime and non prime metal products and received initial startup funding from LTV Steel and Steel Dynamics.

www.metalspectrum.com is owned by half a dozen big companies: Alcoa, Kaiser, North American Stainless and others.

www.metals-russia.com is a marketplace for metals from Russia.

www.metalsuppliersonline.com is a purchasing site for metals.

www.metfabcity.com is a purchasing site fabricated metals.

www.onlinemetals.com is a steel service center specializing in non-ferrous metals, copper, stainless, brass aluminum and titanium.

www.scrapsite.com is owned by MetalSite of Pittsburgh, Penn.

www.steelpartner.com is the American Iron and Steel Institute supported trade exchange and inventory tracking site for the steel industry developed and run by TRW.

www.steelscreen.com focuses on steel and aluminum products.

www.suppliersonline.com is an online metals market.

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

www.mems-exchange.org is sponsored in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

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