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Back Stories -- 2009

China Adds Almost As Many Manufacturing Jobs As Exist In The United States
(December 15, 2009)

Emerson Electric Votes With Its Feet, Saying The Government Is Destroying American Manufacturing
(November 18, 2009)

48212 - An Obliterated City: On The Ground In Detroit
(November 3, 2009)

Domestic Manufacturers And Workers Have No Voice In Crafting U.S. Trade Rules
(October 19, 2009)

For The First Time In 100 Years, The Defense Aerospace Industry Confronts An Era Of Retrenchment
(September 30, 2009)

Meet Obama's New Manufacturing Whiz, Ron Bloom
(September 15, 2009)

Unions Versus The Chinese & U.S. Multinationals: Chinese Tire Import Case Presents Obama With A Tough Test, By Pat Choate
(August 28, 2009)

It Is Now Obama's Economy: America's Oldest Printed Circuit Board Company Closes Its Doors
(July 28, 2009)

A Direct Correlation: China's Growth Comes At The Expense Of The United States
(July 18, 2009)

Workers Are On Their Own To Defend American Jobs From Surging Chinese Imports; American Companies Are Conflicted Because They Now Produce In China
(June 30, 2009)

Chinese Tire Producers Hire Top Former U.S. Government Trade Officials In '421' Dumping Case
(June 16, 2009)

China's Manufacturing Jobs Surged As American Jobs Disappeared
(May 31, 2009)

Multi-Millionaires Populate Obama's Economic Team; None Need Worry About Losing Their Job
(May 19, 2009)

Government Stimulus Masks Long-Term Economic Decline And Leads To Loss Of U.S. Sovereignty
(April 30, 2009)

Defense Department To The U.S. Specialty Metals Industry: We Don't Need You
(April 15, 2009)

U.S. Machine Tool Industry Is On The Brink: How Does An Industry Survive Without Any Orders?
(March 30, 2009)

Obama's Top Economic Aide Sings The Praises
Of The 'Wal-Mart Economy'

(March 9, 2009)

Fair Trade Community Celebrates Rare Victory
(February 19, 2009)

'Buy American' Issue Raises Its Thorny Head
(February 3, 2009)

'Let's Wish Ourselves The Best Of Luck'
Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Says Bottom Just Fell Out Of The U.S. Economy

(January 16, 2009)

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