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Back Stories -- 2005

At Competitiveness Summit, 50 Minds Agree: The Onus Rests Upon President Bush
(December 22, 2005)

Domestic Manufacturers Continue To Press NAM On Trade Issues: They Raise Basic Questions Concerning NAM's Governance
(November 30, 2005)

U.S. Has No Plan On How To Deal With China:
U.S.-China Commission Advises Congress To Fill Bush's Policy 'Vacuum'

(November 14, 2005)

Nucor Deploys Grass-Roots Approach To Changing Washington Trade Policies; Company Is Fed Up With Feds
(October 28, 2005)

Political Appointees Re-Write Commerce Department Report On Offshore Outsourcing; Original Analysis Is Missing From Final Version
(October 12, 2005)

White House Will Create Metrics To Prioritize Federal R&D Spending
(September 20, 2005)

Growing Number Of Chinese IPOs Are Bypassing U.S. Equity Markets: Does China Pose A Financial Opportunity Or Threat?
(September 1, 2005)

Heritage Foundation Says Congress, DOD Should Learn To Live With Globalization
(August 8, 2005)

China And India Are Poised To 'Leapfrog' U.S. In Innovation
(July 25, 2005)

Lack of Manufacturing Imperils U.S. Lead In Nanotechnology
(July 8, 2005)

63,000 People In San Antonio Seek To Fill 2,000 Jobs At Toyota's New Factory
(June 22, 2005)

Defense Analyst Says U.S. Has No Ability To Assess China's Breakthroughs In Science 7 Technology
(June 1, 2005)

DARPA Director Goes On The Offensive In Defending His Record And His Agency
(May 20, 2005)

Science Advisor Defends Bush Record On R&D, But Criticism From Within The Physical Sciences Community Lingers
(May 6, 2005)

Defense Science Board Tells Military To Develop A Grand Strategy To Save The U.S. Semiconductor Industry
(April 22, 2005)

Congress Hires A Scientist To Find Out
What's Really Happening To The Defense Industrial Base

(April 7 2005)

Quality Index Experiences A 'Dramatic Drop' An Interview With Past ASQ President Jack West
(March 23, 2005)

Pentagon Will Increase Scrutiny
Of Foreign Acquisitions Of U.S. Technology Companies

(March 9, 2005)

What Is The Real Health Of The Defense Industrial Base?
An Interview With Suzanne Patrick,
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense For Industrial Policy

(February 22, 2005)

Defense Department Hires Science Academy To Assess Vulnerability Of U.S. Circuit Board Industry
(February 9, 2005)

Companies Need To Prepare Now
For RFID Demands

(January 24, 2005)

DOD To Propose 'Investment Fund' To Jumpstart Innovative Companies
(January 6, 2005)

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