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Back Stories -- 2003

'It Is A Fact' -- Top Commerce Official Says
Leadership And Vision Do Not Exist In Government

(December 5, 2003)

Battle Over Manufacturing Extension Partnership Budget
Unleashes Pent-Up Fury

(November 20, 2003)

Engineers Fear Offshore Outsourcing
Is Contributing To High Jobless Rates

(November 4, 2003)

Inside The Debate Over
Outsourcing Information Technology
Service Jobs Overseas

(October 17, 2003)

President's Science Council Says Future Health
Of Technology Sector Is In Jeopardy;
Decline Of Manufacturing Could Impact
Innovation 'Ecosystem'

(October 3, 2003)

Manufacturing Crisis Exposes
Chinks In Republican Armor

(September 17, 2003)

A Seething Political Anger Rises In America's Industrial Heartland;
Small Manufacturing Owners Lead Grass-Roots Efforts To Save U.S. Industry

(September 3, 2003)

How China Is Quickly Capturing
The World's Semiconductor Industry

(August 4, 2003)

'Buy American' Provision Stirs Up
Heated Debate About Health Of Manufacturing Sector

(July 18, 2003)

U.S. Furniture Industry
Is Rocked By Chinese Imports

(July 3, 2003)

New Manufacturing Trade Group Forms In Washington;
Textile Industry Coalesces Behind Common Threat of Chinese Imports

(June 17, 2003)

Bush Is Accused Of Favoring Chinese
Over U.S. Interests;
U.S. Manufacturers Charge Federal Government With Malfeasance
In Upholding Trade Laws With China

(June 17, 2003)

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