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Here are recent articles written by readers and experts in their fields.

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American Manufacturing Has A Secret Competitive Advantage: Its Workforce
By Fred Stahl

Are Women The Answer To The Shortage Of Skilled Workers In Manufacturing?
By Gretchen Zierick

The Economic State Of The Union 2011: The Future Will Likely Be Worse
By Charles McMillion, MBG Information Services

The Economic State Of The Union 2010: What Replaces The Debt-Driven Economy?
By Charles McMillion, MBG Information Services

IMF Ministers Meeting In Washington Fails To Address Undervalued Chinese Currency
By Ernest Preeg, Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI

Will Lehman's Fate Be America's? U.S. Economy Is Rudderless And Reeling From Direct Hits, By Paul Craig Roberts
By Paul Craig Roberts

JDA Acquires i2: Does The End Of An Era In Supply Chain Applications Signal The Beginning Of A New Landscape?
By Simon Ellis, Manufacturing Insights

Book Review: Pat Choate's 'Dangerous Business: The Risks Of Globalization For America'
By Eammon Fingleton

Turning The Manufacturing Outsourcing Tide, From The Eyes Of Bremen Castings' President JB Brown
By JB Brown, President of Bremen Castings Inc.

China Lobby Pushes To Drop Shoe Tariffs
By William Hawkins, USBIC

A Workforce Betrayed: Watching Greed Murder The Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts

Manufacturing Skills Standards Council: Training The Industrial Athlete For the Future
By Leo Reddy, CEO MSSC

The United States Must Prepare For Its Day Of Reckoning
By Jack Davis, CEO of I Squared R Element Co.

The Economic State Of The Union -- 2008
By Dr. Charles McMillion, President and Chief Economist, MBG Information Services

Farewell To Supply-Side Economics: A Stimulus To What? Delusions Prevail In Washington
By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Reflections On General Electric's Global Strategy
By Nelson Hoffman, Retired CEO of Brice Manufacturing

Is Manufacturing In The United States Toast?
Dan Luria, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Cato's Study On U.S. Manufacturing Suffers From Fatal Flaws
By Paul Craig Roberts

Economists In Denial; Blind To Offshoring's Adverse Impact
By Paul Craig Roberts

Counterfeiting Becomes A REALLY Big Business
By Tim Phillips

Selling Without Selling Out:
Private Equity Firms Step Up Investments In Consumer Product Companies

By Sonya Tarnow Brown, Summit Partners

Suppliers Face Potentially Grave Challenges Dealing With B2B Exchanges
by Michael Rothschild, Maxager Technology

Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your Manufacturing Business?
by Patrick Winters, Duff & Phelps

Verite Reveals The 10 Deadly Sins Of Overseas Factories
by Heather White, Verite

How To Deal With A Bankrupt Customer: Be Quick To Reclaim Your Goods
by Keith Miles Aurzada, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld

Manufacturers' Dilemma: Managing a Growing Volume Of Returned Goods
by William Sherrard, Mark Rosenbaum and Fred Raafat, San Diego State University

For Heavy Equipment Manufacturers Success Will Depend On Services
by Dean Teglia, Accenture

Executives To U.S. Manufacturing Companies: Stock Options Or Bust
by Jon Robbins, Christian & Timbers

Why ISO 9000 Should Be A Company's Guidepost And Not Total Quality Management
by Bruce Bishop, Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center

In The Race For Success, Quality Is More Important Than Productivity
by Dan Slater, RWD Technologies

Book Review: Blood, Sweat & Tears: The Evolution of Work
Reviewed by Fred Stahl

Unions Work Only If Management Doesn't
by William Adams, Adams, Nash, Haskell & Sheridan

Managed Innovation: 3M's Latest Model For New Products
by Rita Shor, 3M Corp.

Sony’s Huge CD Plant In Indiana Uses Kaizen To Slash Costs And Boost Production
by Michael Mitchell and Scott Fairbanks, Sony Disc Manufacturing

Case Study: Toshiba Division Substantially Improves Its Bottom Line Through An Aggressive Supply Chain Management Program
by David Tronnes, vice president of manufacturing, Toner Products Division, Toshiba America Business Solutions

Mastering A Basic Tenet Of Lean Manufacturing -- Five-S
by Charles Skinner, 5S consultant for Productivity Inc. in Portland, Ore.

The New ISO 9000 Standard Is A More Comprehensive Measure of Quality
by Paul Vragel, president of 4aBetterBusiness Inc. in Skokie, Ill.

Placing Lean Manufacturing In Historical Perspective
by Nelson Teed, president of Polymer Development LLC in Summerfield, N.C.

The Importance of E-Commerce Ready SKUs
by George Cohen, president of George Cohen Communications in Boston, Mass.

How Freudenberg-NOK Became An Automotive Powerhouse
by Tom Faust, president of The Lean Center in Troy, Mich.

ISO 14000 Becomes A Prerequisite For Suppliers To Stay In The Game
by Susan Gilbert-Miller, director of environmental services at the Chicago Manufacturing Center in Chicago, Ill.