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Lean Machines Sixteen Case
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Lean Machines: Learning From the Leaders of the Next Industrial Revolution
By Richard A. McCormack, 147 pages.

"Lean manufacturing books tend to be long dreary laundry lists of productivity methods and technical techniques for quality. There is little available that gives insight into how the great master craftsmen and craftswomen put together marvelous lean machines of production - until now. This book by Richard McCormack finally brings us face to face with the creative processes of great designers of production systems. Imagine yourself as a novice artist sitting down for a conversation with Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec or Michelangelo. That is what McCormack brings us in this book - chats with the virtuosos of lean production. Forget those paint-by-numbers books. Either go see the real thing or read "Lean Machines."

-- Reviewer Fred Stahl

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This book, written by Manufacturing & Technology News Editor Richard McCormack, provides you with a unique compilation of in-depth interviews with a variety of the country's most respected executives who have deep intellectual and emotional experience in implementing lean.

CEOs, vice presidents of manufacturing, consultants, Wall Street analysts and accountants provide you with their perspectives on how to implement a lean business system. They are the architects of such successful implementations as Pratt & Whitney's Achieving Competitive Excellence program, the Danaher Business System, the Alcoa Production System and Freudenberg NOK's successful six-step lean process.

If you are thinking about implementing a lean business system, or if you are already underway in the process, then you will want to read Lean Machines, featuring interviews with:

  • George Koenigsaecker, Former CEO, HON Industries and Principal, Simpler Consulting
  • Michael Joyce, Corporate Vice President of Operating Excellence at Lockheed Martin
  • Robert Weiner, Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing, Exide Technologies
  • Mark DeLuzio, Architect, Danaher Business System & President of Lean Horizons
  • James Womack, President, Lean Enterprise Institute and author of Lean Thinking and The Machine That Changed The World
  • Dave Logozzo, Director of Manufacturing Operations, Delphi Corp.
  • Cliff Ransom, Director of Research, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
  • Ken Kreafle, Vice President of Quality at Toyota, Georgetown, Ky.
  • Keith Turnbull, Executive Vice President, Alcoa Business System
  • Allen Haggerty, General Manager of Engineering, Boeing
  • Brian Maskell, President, BMA Inc., Lean Accounting
  • Art Byrne, President and CEO of Wiremold Co.
  • Major Gen. Dennis Haines, Warner Robins AFB
  • Joseph Day, CEO, Freudenberg-NOK
  • Dan Yurovich, CEO, Barry Controls
  • Lt. Col. Fred Hart, Army Materiel Command

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The executives interviewed in Lean Machines discuss:

  • Lessons Learned
  • Instilling A Lean Philosophy In The Company
  • Deploying a Pull System that Responds To Orders
  • Leadership Requirements
  • How Lean Impacts Suppliers & Customers
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Staying the Course -- Motivation
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Timeframes & Results
  • Slipping Back or Giving Up
  • The Toyota Production System
  • How Six Sigma Fits In
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Broadening a Product Mix
  • Flow, Takt Time, 5-S, Kanban, Cells
  • How to Run a Kaizen
  • Training, Measurements
  • The Importance of Inventory Turns
  • The Role of Lean Consultants
  • Middle Management & Shop Floor Workers
  • How MRP and ERP fit into a Lean System
  • Value-Stream Mapping and Managers
  • How Lean Requires Changes in Engineering, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing.

About the Author:

Richard McCormack is Editor and Publisher of Manufacturing & Technology News, a 10-year-old trade journal devoted to the latest trends in manufacturing and technology. He has been a journalist for 20 years in Washington, D.C., as editor of The Energy Daily and founding editor of New Technology Week, High Performance Computing and Communications Week, Federal Electronic Commece Report and Manufacturing & Technology News.

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